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In addition to regular programmatic activities The Massoud Foundation offers a membership program for volunteers who wish to become member. Much of the purpose of the membership program is to increase engagement between people and the foundation.

Membership. Is for applicants interested in serving the community and supporting the foundation ‘s development programs. This category can be granted to individuals who fulfill all the requirements and will have to sign the membership agreement.

Membership Benefits. Members benefit from all facilities such as newsletters, libraries, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and invitation to annual event (anniversary). 

Membership Fees. Members pay once a year in the form of membership fees or due to be paid at the beginning of the annum. However, additional donation options are available for members and (friends) of The Massoud Foundation who wish to make pledges in support of the foundation’s long-term strategic objectives throughout Afghanistan.


Based on repeated requests from visitors during consultation of annual events for Martyr’s week (Massoud Day). Membership program is designed as a key process to address the needs therefore, the method is equipped with policy guidelines via membership opportunities to strengthen ties between respective members and the foundation.