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Board of Directors

Ahmad Wali Massoud, born on 1 November 1964 in Kabul, is the chairman of the Massoud Foundation in Afghanistan and is the younger brother of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Massoud obtained a degree in Diplomatic Studies from the University of Westminster, London in 1989. He has served as Afghan Ambassador to the UK, Special Representative of Ahmad Shah Massoud in Europe, and the representative of the Jamiat-e Islami Party in London. He is the founder of a political party called Nahzat-e-Melli-ye Afghanistan (National Movement Party of Afghanistan). He is the founder of the Mandegar Daily newspaper and the history magazine Yad–e-Yar (The Memory of Friends). Massoud published the National Agenda, his first book, in 2012. He is the younger brother of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Ahmad Massoud born July 10, 1989) is the son of the late Ahmad Shah Massoud and is currently a prominent political figure in Afghanistan. He was appointed as the Massoud Foundation's CEO in November 2016.

Massoud attended The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst until 2012. Afterward, he was accepted and took up undergraduate studies at King's College London where he majored in War Studies and received his bachelor's degree in July 2015. In 2016 he finished graduate school at City University of London obtaining his Masters in International Politics.