Massoud Foundation UK

Massoud Foundation UK

The Massoud Foundation UK is a non-profit organisation based in the UK that promotes long-term relationships between British and Afghan people as well as cultural awareness.​

Massoud Foundation was established and registered as a charitable trust in 2002 in Afghanistan, with the main objective of human development in the field of education and health as well as cultural activities. After 18 years of successful service delivery to the poorest of the poor in areas of education and health as well as cultural activities in Afghanistan, Massoud Foundation is bent to expand its activities in Australia to work with the diaspora of Afghanistan in Australia and Australian citizens who share ideals of Massoud.

We are dedicated to the memory of Ahmad Shah Massoud as a lasting tribute and in acknowledgement of the monumental role-played by him in preserving liberty and dignity of his people against the Soviet invasion and later against violent extremism of Al-Qaida and the Taliban. He led the struggle to ensure independence of his country, his people and a goal for which he paid the ultimate price. Late Massoud famously envisions an independent, united and prosperous Afghanistan “in peace within and with the rest of the world.”

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