Histoire et Destins – Le Garde du corps de Massoud

“History and Destiny – Massoud’s bodyguard” is the latest book about the national hero to be published
Book: Le Garde du Corps de Massoud
Author: Jean Pierre Pécau French
Master Painter: Renato Arlem Brazilian
After Maulana Balkh, Massoud Shahid is the second most famous book in the history of our country, and among the many books written by different authors and languages, more than (100) books about the national hero are possible in French alone. It has been published, and in the most recent case, a book entitled (History and Destiny – Massoud’s Protector) was published a few days ago and is also available online from Amazon.
The story of the book is about the Russian national hero and bodyguard Amer Sahib (Nikolai Bistrov – Islamuddin) who was wounded in a clash at the Soviet base in Bagram and then captured by Ahmad Shah Massoud’s forces and transferred to the Panjshir front for treatment and detention. He is treated there and after a while he is informed that he can return to his country. Makes national

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