Massoud Day and Martyr's Week in Afghanistan

In collaboration with governmental authorities (Commission of Massoud day celebration), Massoud Foundation annually celebrates Massoud day on September 9. The Annual anniversary is usually held in Loya Jirga hall. Its purpose is a gathering of Ahmad Shah Massoud’s friends, government high ranking officials, core-diplomats, senior military officials, and local visitors. The gathering massively focuses on legacy, life, and contributions of Ahmad Shah Massoud.

Massoud Day and Martyr's Week in Australia

With the advent of COVID-19 in 2020, Massoud Foundation Australia has commemorated the anniversary of the Martyrdom of Afghanistan’s National Hero, Ahmad Shah Massoud, via a special live online event. We were honored to have Ambassador Masood Khalili as our keynote speaker for this event. As a close friend and compatriot of our National Hero, H.E Massoud Khalili shared with us a priceless first-hand perspective.